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Egalité is an altruism based-venture! This mean that the majority of any proceeds we receive through our Patreon and donations will be directed towards improving the lives of Haitian citizens. 


In today's world it can be difficult to find aid organizations that are tangibly and efficiently making a difference in the ways we would like. 


That is why we have consulted (and will continue to consult) with experts and Haitian nationals to target our efforts. Together we have come up with a list of starting organizations, aligned by their initiatives, that we will be directing funding towards. 

As a partner to the cause of Egalité, you get to choose what initiatives/organizations you would like to support and become a part of the history of Haiti yourself!


Access to basic healthcare and educational health outreach can stomp out preventable illness. 


Food Insecurity

Everybody eats, B. Many Haitians lack direct access food in their day to day lives. 


Water & Sanitation

Water is life. Access to clean water is a crucial need that many Haitians lack on a day to day basis. 

Water Purifier & Glass


The Youth of a country are its future. The students being nurtured today will drive the country forward tomorrow. Explore the excellent work being done to protect and grow Haitian youth.



Structurally maintained roads, safe housing, and  clean sanitation facilities are essential to the growth and stability of a nation.

Construction Crane


As the world moves towards sustainable energies and a healthier natural environment, Haiti has a crucial role in targeted reforestation efforts.

The Lambi Fund
Forest Trees

Not impressed?

We are actively seeking the best organizations to contribute meaningfully to the causes of Haiti. If you have any recommendations on our service initiatives, please let us know!

Thank you for your feedback!

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