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Key services:

- Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

(WASH) Initiatives

- Economic Empowerment

- Education

- Public Infrastructure

Hope for Haiti takes a robust multilateral approach to reducing poverty and increasing the standard of living in Haiti.  By attacking the fronts of water sanitation, education, healthcare, community infrastructure, and economic empowerment concurrently they aim to drive a path towards a greater Haiti.

Their WASH initiatives distribute filtration systems, increase general access to water, and build critical public health infrastructure. Most classrooms and healthcare facilities lack adequate sanitation facilities such as latrines and hand washing stations, which can worsen health and education outcomes. By addressing this simple need, Hope for Haiti saves lives and secures the future of the Haitian peoples.

Hope for Haiti also seeks to invest in the next generation of Haitian entrepreneurs through grants and loan programs. A thriving economy is the cornerstone of a stable and developing nation, so by driving this business development, Hope for Haiti seeks to increase the wealth of the nation and decrease the country's poverty overall.

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