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Key services:

- Youth & Education

- Community Nutrition & Food

- Disaster Relief

The What If? Foundation operates with the future of Haiti in mind, concentrating their efforts on improving the living and educational standards of some of Haiti's best and brightest youth.

They tackle food insecurity directly by running a community cafeteria, which distributes up to 800 meals in a single afternoon. 

Education is the cornerstone of upward mobility and this is all the more true in Haiti. In Haiti, 90% of schools are private, which naturally presents a barriers to many in Haiti who simply cannot afford to send their children to school. 


In 2016 the What If? Foundation opened the doors of the Fr. Jeri School, a PreK-12 school with a rigorous and enriching education plan. The school is geared towards raising up the next generation of leaders in Haiti through a combination of high academic standards and teachings of respect, empathy, and civic duty. In addition to an improved education, the students also have access to a daily cafeteria, a diverse array of after school programs, and summer camp. All of which contribute to the safety, well-being, and growth of these young Haitians.

In times of crisis or disaster, the What If? Foundation launches into action raising funds quickly and distributing necessary resources directly to Haitian citizens. Often being able to arrive on scene and provide aid before larger organizations.

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